Monday, 11 May 2015

The Big, Bad Wolf and his Strider Bike.

Auntie Steph and Uncle Sean sent Jack an awesome bike in the mail. It's called a Strider Sport balance bike, and we couldn't be more excited. Up until now, Jacks "bike rides" consisted of him leisurely resting on a tricycle and being pushed around. And occasionally peddling. Now this guy is getting geared up for a really fun ride. 

The concept of these bikes is pretty interesting. It promotes learning to balance on two wheels, before working on the peddling part. They begin by being seated and walking along with their feet, then as they gain confidence they do little pushes and glide with two feet held up or rested on the foot bars. From there, anything is possible! 

This morning we played in the driveway and just focused on a pretend play that involved his bike. Every kid learns differently, and this boy is like his Momma in a lot of ways. Easily frustrated. But motivated! Just ask Scott who taught me how to drive standard. 23 year old me pounded the steering wheel, cried many times and once actually got out of the car slamming the door behind me to pout. But I persevered, and with a patient teacher I rocked that car for 6 years loving every gear-shifting moment.  

Like me and the Fit, Jack tried it for two minutes the day it arrived and determined it was ridiculous for any more efforts on his part. Whomp-whomp. Despite my best intentions, he refused even further when I tried to sell him on the idea to keep trying.  However, we've returned to it in several short practice sessions. We also watched YouTube videos of other kids riding it in little organized races Strider puts on in the USA, and kids at skate parks. Encouraged, he dawned his Wolf outfit and we recreated the Big Bad Wolf story with one improvement - Wolf has got a sweet ride. Instead of chasing the pigs, he hopped on his bike! Distracted by the thrill of chasing Mommy (aka dramatic screaming and slow running pig) and he's already comfortable getting on and off, and mastered the steering to follow our chalk road. 

Scott and I have spent the last week doing lots of spring cleanup jobs, one being a backyard cleanup. Turns Out that under all those leaves was a perfect dirt bike park!

Stay tuned as our Big Bad Wolf works on his riding!