Monday, 13 April 2015

Spring has Sprung. Ish.

Honestly even as I write, I cringe because I believe somewhere around the corner could be another snowstorm. But for the moment in going to just enjoy the weather and be pleased we all left the house today without coats (of course we hoped to find a non-snow covered trail - no such luck!) and it was a beautiful thing not wresting these two into mittens hats coats and boots. 

With everyone in the family also just getting over colds, it's been so wonderful to have the windows open, airing out the house. Smells like spring and I love it!
Jack and I played all morning outside while Phoebe had a fabulous nap. She has been anything but predictable, so a morning of just Jack while she napped was so fun for me and him. 

I'm so desperate for Spring I actually shovelled off our garden yesterday (wearing a tshirt - so odd!) to help melt the snow bank. My efforts were not in vain and I was handsomely rewarded today!

The bulbs Jack and I planted in the gallate sprouting, and we even were graced with a blossom! The burst of sunshine was exactly what they needed - I completely know how they feel!

Jack and I have made a long list of spring activities we cannot wait to get to. Also so fun ideas for the back yard. Of course... Still about a foot a snow to go until it's fit for playing! Yikes!

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