Sunday, 26 April 2015

Oaklawn Farm Zoo Opening Weekend

What a wonderful weekend we have had! We partied in the city yesterday at the Pitmans, then today we got to make Jacks dream come true and finally go back to the zoo! 

We have been waiting and waiting and waiting for the snow to melt, and he tells anyone who will listen that he would be going to the zoo soon. Or he was sad that the zoo wasn't open. Or when he went to the zoo he would see ____________. Telling him this morning we were finally heading to the zoo it was a magical moment. 

Of course all of us are battling colds, but getting outside in the fresh air was amazingly good. 

And of course the zoo never disappoints! There were all our favourite friends we have been reading about in our zoo book. Jack was over the moon excited to see them, then ready to move onto the next animals right away. 

He also was able to cash in a sticker chart reward from almost a month ago and picked out a white stuffed tiger. Oh joy oh bliss, he named it Chance after the American bulldog in Homeward Bound. 

Phoebe was mildly interested in the cages as we passed by, but definitely enjoyed the ride over bumpy grass. She perked up at the sight of the deer and really enjoyed watching Jack feed them. 

We also tried something new - a pony ride! Jack was very brave and silently rode along on his pony holding on to the saddle. He loved the idea of being a cowboy, and the ride didn't disappoint. 

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