Saturday, 18 April 2015

Miners Marsh Spring Walk

Well it was a quick walk. But beautiful!

Earlier in the week we came by hopeful for a clear path, but ten feet from the parking lot it was all snow covered. Today we thought it would obviously be free from snow - and in a way it totally was. Beautiful warm sunshine, but a lot of water haha!

Luckily the kids weren't disapointed at all. Throwing rocks and sticks off the bridge is kind of the main attraction for Jack, and Phoebe loved getting out of the stroller to watch the river and explore nature at her finger tips!

We excitedly watched a couple "icebergs" the size of a sofa really zip by quickly! 

I cannot stress just how ready we are for spring to arrive here and say goodbye to the snow. Scott and I are eagerly planning some small home renos, garden projects and cannot wait to jump on them. Browsing Pinterest and making plans is only so fun, we're ready to take action! 

Such a busy afternoon, first we all need a little rest!

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