Friday, 16 January 2015

Whoa - the lost months!

Just another byproduct of having two kids - much less time for things like blogging. But Phoebe is 6 months old -  we survived the hardest months just fine and now life can go back to normal. Well, new normal. New manageable hectic haha. 

(if you picture me sitting down in the computer just to write this, you would be wrong. I'm sitting with a very wiggly little baby in between my legs enjoying Bubble Guppies and chewing on everything she can get her hands on while I use the dictation feature on my iPhone to blog. I apologize in advance if the iPhone misinterprets my voice!)

We have so many fun things going on in the next few months - 2015 is very exciting!! 

I've been battling a failing gallbladder since Phoebes been born and really now it's just a few weeks away from my consult with the surgeon. To accommodate my health issues and complications, in these last few months we've really changed the way we eat for the better. I go through bouts of feeling perfectly normal which is such an improvement. Hopefully the surgeon has good news for me and I can kiss this gallbladder goodbye - the source of much pain, stress and trouble in 2014. 

Then next month Scott has LASIK surgery to kiss his glasses goodbye. As someone who doesn't wear glasses except for the odd time while I'm knitting I can't get over how much of a pain in the butt there. If you wear glasses obviously I don't need to tell you this. But watching him go through daily life pretty much blind without his glasses has given me a look into how crappy it can be. Not nearly excited as Scott is haha. 

Then we planned a trip away overnight to go see The Hip in concert in Halifax. Another byproduct of having two kids is very few date nights and absolutely no nights away from the kids. But like I said we're through the hardest six months and Phoebe is letting us sleep (more or less.) Between Scott running a demanding business and me chasing two busy kids all day it's sometimes hard to remember that we're not even 30 yet and still need nights out to party! 

Once I have my gallbladder surgery I am also looking forward to training for a 5K that I signed up for year ago. My fit bit keeps me motivated to get my steps and every day but I haven't gotten to do much running or training since I've been unwell. I hesitate to call it a New Year's resolution because I find them irritating and usually a load of crap but disappears by March. Instead I will call it pursuing a dream 😊. 

In the spring, Scott hopes to start hockey again. It's not something we can really work around in the winter between the weather, needy wife (lol I'm useless after a gallbladder attack), and the winter clinic schedule. But the hockey people who ran his fall session send out some pretty cool stuff through email about what they have planned.

I really do miss blogging and I look back fondly on older blogs often to see what we're up to this time in previous years. I suppose I mostly blog for myself so I can have a record of what we did for birthdays, vacations, recipes and watch the kids grow in photos. But I do like to share because I know how much I enjoy reading other peoples blogs too!  

Happy 2015 everyone!

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