Wednesday, 21 January 2015

So. Many. Crafts.

The ultimate parent-guilt delemna - what do we do with all those crafts? 

I love crafts. (No big surprises there haha) I love how special Jacks crafts are to me - especially now as they have become recognizable as crafts (not squiggly garbage he makes 1000s of in ten minutes) and I see him developing so many skills. He's working on tracing, gluing, cutting, writing his name, drawing shapes, stickering (it's a skill!) and colouring. Each day he comes home with a new little craft and it makes my heart burst with pride that he actually made it. And settled down long enough at a table to create it - and followed instructions. Miracle!

But... (You knew that was coming!) I question the sanity of stockpiling all these glue gunned, pipe cleaner, button creations once they've had their rotation on the "Wall of Fame" in Jacks room. Surely he's not going to remember them, (I don't remember my preschool crafts) nor will he have a need for them in the future. But as I hold them in my hands over the recycling bin (God I hope these are recyclable. Our system in the Valley of recycling is intense, and they monitor your bags!)  I worry. Not about the "rejection" sticker they're likely going to earn us with Valley Waste, but that I'm doing something horribly wrong. Even though we praise him, celebrate his achievements, pummel him with questions about its creation, I feel a teeny bit terrible. This is what it is to be a parent I suppose! I know out there somewhere there is a supermom making some kind of shrine to their child out of their crafts to be ever-preserved in an organized time capsule that is blasted off into space on a hand painted rocket. Okay - maybe not. But it's THAT kind of madness that forcing this internal battle of "Treasure Every Blessed Thing" vs. "Throw Out Useless Crap that means way more to you than your kid". 

So I consulted Pinterest to ease my mind. Now there are the wacko Super-Pinterest Mom "time capsule" ideas, but also a camp of posts of ideas I call "Smart Ideas for Real Parents".  With one quick search I found a brilliant idea - take pics in your phone and then upload for a later photobook. Then the little crafts are preserved forever and I don't feel like such a criminal for not keeping every little tiny thing he makes. 

Of course, we kept some favourites! But I won't need to look into renting storage space to accommodate the bins filled with crafts haha. 


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