Sunday, 25 January 2015

Jumping on the treadmill bandwagon!

Okay so it just happens that we end up buying a treadmill in January. And in someway I feel like one of those crazy New Year's resolution people who buy all this awesome workout equipment and then it becomes a laundry hanger for the rest of the year. However, I think with the right motives, goals and ideas about fitness even someone who buys a treadmill in Janurary can bypass the stigma. 
Seriously, it's the best car ever. It always fits in the Fit. 

But I think that after struggling with weight and my health it is a miracle to be able to do anything physical, when I recall days where I was so sick I couldn't get out of bed or I was so medicated I wouldn't have even known what to do with a treadmill. 

Two kids later, my body has done amazing things I wouldn't have believed possible. Not because pregnancy/birth/breastfeeding are frightening and overwhelming at times - but because it's a miracle. And I'm just in awe when I see our two kids play together that I grew them. Yes yes, Scotty contributed (thanks babe!) but my body grew, birthed and fed them. Miracle!

(In case you forgot - OMG 😅 2 days before Phoebe was born! Huge Miracle!)

 But my body has been through the wringer - both emotionally and physically! Being pregnant (especially hugely so) puts your body and shape on the public scope. (Mommas out there can I get an Amen!?) Some little comments stay in your mind and haunt you long after the fact. Well - no more! 

And because of that, I now owe it to my body to get it back in shape. And I owe it to myself to treat my body like a temple (I hear that phrase and all I can think of is Louis Litt - a little gem ^^ for Suits fans everywhere). 

Also - big thanks and shout out to all my FitBit friends encouraging, Cheering and challenging me along the way. You ladies are sometimes the only thing getting me up off my butt! 

So here's my big rant defending my choice, or rather to celebrating my choice to buy a treadmill in January. (Actually, to be fair Scotty went out and bought it for me as a surprise on Saturday morning. He's just the dreamiest 😘)

Cliché or not, here's to a healthier me in 2015. 

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