Sunday, 7 December 2014

Christmas Tree 2014

We had a magical morning finding our Christmas tree 😊 we went to Rocky Mountain Christmas Tree UPick. New family tradition for certian. We will definitely be going back every year, it was a bundle of fun. 

They have a wonderful set up in a beautiful location. The trees are scattered and growing all around for many acres. 

We went on a big walk and found a great spot with so many potential trees. There was a lovely dusting of snow which made it Christmasy but not overwhelming for little legs or a stroller. After about half an hour of walking and deciding we found the perfect one and snapped some selfies. Phoebe wasn't up for joining and honestly at that point the wind had picked up. 

We then hauled it to a station in the field, and walked back to the Candy Cane shack. 

Then they got to ride the Kubota back to the station and bring our tree to the car! Jack also picked out a free kids tree to bring home, he picked the biggest one in the pile! More on that later!

Phoebe, Jack and I got settled in the shack and chatted with some lovely other families while Scott roped our trees to the Fit.  Toasty warm fire, comfy seating and hot chocolate/candy canes!

Also snapped some pics of Jack by the growth tree 😊 

We also sawed off a piece for making into an ornament or decoration. I will be checking out Pinterest for some ideas!

We got the tree in successfully and Jack was the towel guy. He wasn't sure what he should be doing with the towels, but he found they helped Daddy bet by being on his back. 

Everyone is amazed by the new decoration - Phoebe included 😊!