Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Happy third birthday Jack!

It's hard to believe he is three. Blows my mind how quickly time is flying. Growing up into such a big boy enjoying preschool, painting, hot wheels and pasta & cheese! He can carry on conversations and loves his friends and family deeply!

We had a lovely gathering of all his friends on Sunday :) thankyou everyone who came it was so fun and definitely made Jacks day so special. 

Today November 5th is his actual birthday! Reflecting on his big day coming into this world all chubby and sweet is wonderful and terrible all at once. Remembering the agony of waiting while hugely pregnant and sore, then birth. Gives me the creeps. Oie. But getting to enjoy holding him and starting our journey as parents is a pretty powerful memory :)!

Jack a couple hours old...

Jack turns 1!

Jack turns two!

Jack turns 3!

Yesterday we did a little pre-birthday craft so he could have his special birthday shirt :) this year we did all homemade and his party master Dino's helped!

Much to his disappointment we aren't having another party today. He apparently equates the two so he had a big cry this morning that his friends aren't coming soon to party it up round two. But we are going to see friends at Tumble Bugs! And yesterday at school his teachers not only knew it was his birthday coming, but they got everyone to sing happy birthday to Jack early and had a lovely bookmark and birthday bracelet for him. Stretching out his birthday for days has been so fun :)!

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