Monday, 6 October 2014

Playing Car Wash

No, we didn't practice car washing on the Fit. We aren't that crazy. 

I got the idea from one of those pins on Pinterest "100 great games for outside" just to get Jack more eager to get out and play when he doesn't have a crew of friends entertaining him and Mommy can't always play when I'm holding Phoebe. He does pretty well outdoors most days, but it is fun to bring out some props for pretend play. 

He actually loved the idea of this one from the first mention of it. Sometimes I have to work hard to sell the idea, today was easy.

 "Jack? Want to go out and play pretend car wash?" Jack paused and then eagerly replied "Yup I think so. Do we get water?" Haha anything with water and he's game. I'm sure he was hesitant based on which part of the game was pretend and hoping it wasn't the washing part. 

My beef with these Pins on Pinterest is the elaborate set up, materials and the fact that my kid isn't into drawing with chalk for hours. This idea was perfect - combine water, sponges, markers and a large car. 

Fortunately this was tucked away in our storage room from Jacks "learn to walk" phase. 

It hung around long after Jack could walk, but I hastily stashed it away first chance I could since it has an abnoxious sound track of songs that goes along with every lever and button on the car. 

But it was super fun today :) batteries removed of course haha! Even Phoebe had fun watching Jack play, occasionally getting splashed during the washing stage of his game. 

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  1. Your great grandparents have a car that needs washing, Jack.