Sunday, 21 September 2014

Tip Toe Through The Tulips!

Jack and I got to work on our garden, and I am in love with the bulbs we picked out together while shopping this week. 

The weather today was so beautiful, we spent the morning at the park. Jack woke up with a raging head old which cancelled our plans to go to Thomas's birthday party in the city. So we tried to do some fun low key things to ease the heartache :(. 

Phoebe had a rough day/night three days ago with a cheek rash, spitups and constant crying. Since then she's been slowly getting back to her normal cheerful self, and today was her first great day. Of course Jack would be sick starting today, but I would rather battle sickness one at a time to save my sanity. 

Back to bulb planting, I just did a smattering here and there of early to mid blooming plants. I LOVE spring crocuses and tulips. Some others caught Jacks eyes so we picked them up too. Nothing sings spring prettier than little blooms. And by that time of year we are just dying to garden, see blooms and dream of summer days ahead. Of course right now I'm cheering on fall, loving the tips of trees turning their colours, and crisp mornings. 

Daddy and Phoebe snuggled in a chair for a but supervising our work before she went in for her nap. Jack puttered around and Lucy rolled in the grass as I finished up our work. Of course he does ten ceremonial bulbs (I pre-dig the holes and show him which go where) then he's off to play in the yard while I finish. Haha and when my back is turned anything can happen... 😉

... Apparently bubble mix tastes terrible! Perfect timing of course, I only have a few more bulbs to go, so another project for another day. 

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend :)! Despite his cold, Jack had a fun day. We'll have to road trip up to the city to see his buddies Thomas and Nicholas soon!

Sending big birthday wishes to both his buddies Thomas and Alfie! Hard to believe how grown up all our boys are getting! Jacks third birthday is just around the corner! Eek!

Good thing we still have a little baby in our house ;)! Although she's growing up so fast! Three months old this week. Yipes!

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