Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Ducks, Rocks, and a Bridge - Oh My!

Wouldn't you just love to eat your breakfast while watching little ducks paddle around this beautiful view? We certainly loved it!

Actually even if you don't get to see the view, the cool breeze was lovely enough to put everyone in good spirits for our walk :)

The sun kept playing peekaboo behind big ominous dark clouds (as I type this it's pouring rain!) which was nice because it kept us just warm enough. It was plenty peaceful and Jack experimented with walking the trail following "The Rules". Simple enough - don't go in the water, give space to the animals, make room for others on the trail. There are some dedicated walkers that do several laps in the time it takes us to complete one, and while they slow to oogle over Jack I don't want him abusing his charm to make them stop completely. 

While Phoebe snoozed we watched many different birds fly and swim around the river and marsh. It was fun to see some of them actually managed to scoop up little fish. Jack bellowed encouragement to the birds, "You can do it! Be quick!" which was probably swallowed up by the winds based on the birds lack of reaction. Or they just appreciate some cheerleading!

We finally got to "the spot" for throwing pebbles from the trail. Clear enough view of the water he can toss them without beaming any ducks accidently and the ducks clear out long before we arrive since they hear us coming. Thankfully he can't throw too far anyway, but his aim is shockingly accurate. 

There was a perfectly positioned bench so I could admire Jacks dedication to rock throwing, feed Phoebe and help her into a quick wardrobe change. She loved the breeze whistling around her and the grass tickling her toes! 

Jack showed off his skills and explained to Phoebe the finer points of choosing rocks from the path. 

After a pretty significant stint at the marsh Jack helped me push the stroller to the big bridge because we had one more place to do some tossing....


... Off the bridge! Oh happy day indeed. 

And the grey clouds darkened up the sky just at this moment and the rain held off long enough to let us get everything back into the car! We're excitedly counting down the days until Jack gets to start preschool, so we did a detour to drive by it. As we drove by Jack yelled out his open car window "Hurry up and be open please!" Hahahaha. 

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