Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Apple Picking!

Jacks preschool went apple picking this morning, and we all got to tag along! Even Daddy and Phoebe got to come! 

It was a little damp and chilly but no one seemed bothered by it. 

I did a frantic hunt for rain boots at Walmart and Superstore this morning because Jack's dino boots are too small! It's not an easy thing to find this time of year and we weren't ready to buy winter boots. In the end superstore had some fabulous ones to get us through till snow!

Lots of smiles and delicious apples!!

In preschool they've been working on all sorts of apple crafts, stories and songs. Jack is totally enjoying this theme and so Apple picking was a huge fun part of closing up the theme. But he is also positive we must make an apple pie with our picked apples! Since a crisp is more toddler friendly baking activity, he agreed to it on the promise it is JUST like an apple pie. 

Apple machine for the win!! Fun and quick!

Perfect fall activity for such a cool afternoon. 

And hello delicious. 

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