Wednesday, 27 August 2014

We've got Mail: Korean Edition

Oh my lord. I forgot how amazing it is to be a kid and get a huge parcel. I mean I get a thrill out if it now, but then it was like the most amazing thing! Even if the contents were only so-so, the huge box coming in the mail was thrilling enough. Well last week we got an awesomely huge parcel from Korea, and the contents were freaking awesome. 

Jack was just in awe of everything! Even the card was super cool that Steph and Sean sent!

Luckiest little boy ever! He was so so so thrilled to pose with his loot he made me take several pics.

She's got the elmo smile totally down pat!

And she loves her squeaky squid teething toy :)!

Jack loves his all metal bodied Korean police cars that came with a working traffic light and speed camera. He makes all his cars drive up and say "cheeeeeeese!" Which is too cute!

Phoebe just loves the Elmo headband, which Jack is all to happy to wear around the house. 

Here he is munching some hard candies. So. In. Love. With. Sugar. 

I got a lovely assortment of makeup and facemasks and creams. Spoiled sister right here :)!!

And the coolest blow up pool ever which we used as a snuggle den and swimming pool. Most popular as a snuggle den :)! But Phoebe will get a kick out of it next spring/summer for sure as a pool. For now it's hanging out in the playroom at be snuggled in!

And a beach ball looking like a watermelon, which was so fun to play catch with both inside and out. We need to invest in more beach balls, they're so easy to bat around and not break things. Love it!

Thank you Steph and Sean for all our fun things!

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