Monday, 11 August 2014

Sibling snuggles in the Racecar bed!

Jack is just in love with Pheebs. He loves to brag about her to strangers in the store, help change her bum, pick out her outfits and burp her. But I was floored when he asked to share his bed with her and do snuggles. 

Since she has arrived his behaviour has been all over the map. As is what is expected and normal I'm told. Of course with each day, it gets better and better. I was worried he would feel angry towards her, but thankfully he reserves most of his pickle bottom moments for Mommy and Daddy. It just makes me extra appreciative that even though he is struggling some days to adjust to our new life, he has big hearts in his eyes when it comes to his baby Phoebe!

He shared his little animals, made them dance for her and we all shared giggles and smiles while she tooted in his bed! In his mind, best sister ever :)

Big kisses and hugs! 

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