Thursday, 7 August 2014

Playing at Kingsport

Goodness. What is it about baby's not being compatible with keeping a consistent blog?! Thankfully Phoebe is now a part of our routine, and I can find a little time to continue our blog :)

This morning we headed out for a fun adventure! Jack LOVES the ocean, and we found a great beach to play at :)

We love Kingsport beach and it's only a 15 minute drive from our house. Even though it was grey and gloomy this morning, the sun poked out often. Jack started out just throwing rocks... But soon...

And then...

Haha doesn't matter how cold the ocean is - he loves it! He "fished" with a stick, hunted for crab remains, threw many rocks and collected shells in a pile on the shore. Living so close to the ocean is wonderful, making it a perfect playground for exploration and imagination. 

Phoebe was tucked away in her Onya, loving life. The BOB is awesome, but I wasn't interested in pushing it through the mushy sand. She loved being snuggled up to me sniffing that salty air!

(Hair was down for all of two minutes - ocean air was giving me "crazy hair" as Jack calls it!! Haha oh toddler honesty..)

We stayed for almost two hours, then as we were leaving we met a new friend :)

We met Easy, the beautiful Samoyed. Jack loved that she looked like Lucy except probably 25lbs heavier and taller. 

Then we zoomed home for fresh clothes, blankets and ... Rudolph the red nosed reindeer. Because that's just what we do after a morning at the beach!


  1. What a nice adventure for you all. Wish we could've come along. Hey Michelle, need to update info about who you are on the right side of the blog. It's now four people plus furry ones ...! Miss you


  2. I love that Jack loves the ocean. I love that you share nature with him every day!