Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Exploring the Woods

It's likely not a scene any of you have seen us playing in. Not because it's far away or hard to get to - because I'm only now comfy playing here. Yes... over-protective mother party of one, please. 

I know there is very few things better for your kid than letting them play away their days in the woods climbing trees, throwing sticks and eating dirt. I see all these posts and memes about how previous generations had no technology, had no supervision and survived. Well, all I can say is times have changed. The pressure put on parents to not only shield their children from everything, watch their every move and fill their children's every waking moment with educational crap and magical moments is huge. I mean soul-crushing, overwhelmingly huge. So it's this sort of mentality that clouded my judgement on how fun and kid-friendly woods can be. I mean I spent a LOT of my childhood playing in the woods down the road unsupervised and loved it. And survived obviously. But becoming a mother changes you and your perception of what is actually dangerous. Instead of focusing on the mushrooms that could potentially kill him, or the gross bugs and spiders, or the sticks that could poke out his eyes, I've tried to just focus on the fun exploration opportunity! Take a chill pill Mommy, it's a good time. 

Other than the cool play slide given to us by our neighbours, our backyard is pretty much wooded.  So I left Jack to his own devices and after a minute of boredom, he found some sticks and wanted to build the little pigs house from the story of the big bad wolf and three little pigs (his latest obsession). Then followed a long performance of the story with all of us rotating roles (even Phoebe played the part of a piggy, with Jack doing her voice acting)

"See Phoebe... The wolf eats the piggy because the house wasn't strong enough. Don't worry, it's only pretend"

The moment of the wolf coming down the chimney was priceless - Jack wolf yowling from being turned into wolf soup and Phoebe giggled her heart out. Watch out Jack, she's got your number. 

So we spent two hours playing, imagining and acting. He didn't die, suffer an injury or even become mildly upset (unless you count when he couldn't remember what the third pigs house was made out of and freaked out. Oh toddlers.). 

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  1. I love that he played in the wooded back yard …. you are pretty brave! I am proud of you….