Monday, 25 August 2014

A Zoo day: Perfect late August weather!

I absolutely loathe going anywhere when it is hot. I'm not a hot weather person. Also trying to keep two hit sweaty kids happy is not my idea of a good time. So going to the zoo in July and beginning of August was just not a priority.  But the last week has brought cool nights (yes!) and so cooler mornings!

We enjoyed all the sights, and we saw lots of different animals enjoying the cool morning. Phoebe snoozed in the BOB and enjoyed all the bumps as I zoomed along after Jack. 

We had three great animals sightings: a sleepy lizard, an owl preening himself and a zebra getting some of the good grass near the fence. Three animals we rarely get good pictures of, not every animal can be as eager and photogenic as the goats!

The weather was so wonderfully cool, but the sunshine warmed us up! Our little piggy friends are growing considerably! Soon enough they'll be big pigs too!

Jacks favourites this year are the pigs for certain, so we picked up a little friend for his collection if animals. This is the year of the pot bellied pig!

Definitely looking forward to resuming our weekly morning trips to the zoo throughout the fall until it really cools off! Now that Phoebe is becoming more aware it will be great for her to start seeing and enjoying the animals too. That is if she can stay awake!






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