Wednesday, 27 August 2014

We've got Mail: Korean Edition

Oh my lord. I forgot how amazing it is to be a kid and get a huge parcel. I mean I get a thrill out if it now, but then it was like the most amazing thing! Even if the contents were only so-so, the huge box coming in the mail was thrilling enough. Well last week we got an awesomely huge parcel from Korea, and the contents were freaking awesome. 

Jack was just in awe of everything! Even the card was super cool that Steph and Sean sent!

Luckiest little boy ever! He was so so so thrilled to pose with his loot he made me take several pics.

She's got the elmo smile totally down pat!

And she loves her squeaky squid teething toy :)!

Jack loves his all metal bodied Korean police cars that came with a working traffic light and speed camera. He makes all his cars drive up and say "cheeeeeeese!" Which is too cute!

Phoebe just loves the Elmo headband, which Jack is all to happy to wear around the house. 

Here he is munching some hard candies. So. In. Love. With. Sugar. 

I got a lovely assortment of makeup and facemasks and creams. Spoiled sister right here :)!!

And the coolest blow up pool ever which we used as a snuggle den and swimming pool. Most popular as a snuggle den :)! But Phoebe will get a kick out of it next spring/summer for sure as a pool. For now it's hanging out in the playroom at be snuggled in!

And a beach ball looking like a watermelon, which was so fun to play catch with both inside and out. We need to invest in more beach balls, they're so easy to bat around and not break things. Love it!

Thank you Steph and Sean for all our fun things!

Monday, 25 August 2014

A Zoo day: Perfect late August weather!

I absolutely loathe going anywhere when it is hot. I'm not a hot weather person. Also trying to keep two hit sweaty kids happy is not my idea of a good time. So going to the zoo in July and beginning of August was just not a priority.  But the last week has brought cool nights (yes!) and so cooler mornings!

We enjoyed all the sights, and we saw lots of different animals enjoying the cool morning. Phoebe snoozed in the BOB and enjoyed all the bumps as I zoomed along after Jack. 

We had three great animals sightings: a sleepy lizard, an owl preening himself and a zebra getting some of the good grass near the fence. Three animals we rarely get good pictures of, not every animal can be as eager and photogenic as the goats!

The weather was so wonderfully cool, but the sunshine warmed us up! Our little piggy friends are growing considerably! Soon enough they'll be big pigs too!

Jacks favourites this year are the pigs for certain, so we picked up a little friend for his collection if animals. This is the year of the pot bellied pig!

Definitely looking forward to resuming our weekly morning trips to the zoo throughout the fall until it really cools off! Now that Phoebe is becoming more aware it will be great for her to start seeing and enjoying the animals too. That is if she can stay awake!






Saturday, 16 August 2014

Visiting in Greenwood :)!

Jack is lucky enough to spend two days with grandparents since Mommy is resting and recovering from mastitis. For anyone who has had it, you know how much it sucks. If you haven't had it or heard of it, you can google it for details. Needless to say, I have not been at my finest. Since I felt better today after lots of taking it easy, Phoebe and I went down to visit to Greenwood while Daddy did a massive deep clean of the house :)

Jack was glad to see Phoebe! He we even more thrilled to visit with his cousins Grace & Caleigh, Auntie Kim and doggy BFF Bella who came down for a visit. 

They had so much fun in the backyard shooting off rocket bottles and watching Bella chase them around! You also may have seen Jacks hot tub pics posted I Facebook earlier this morning :) there was no shortage of fun to be had!

Phoebe also got in lots of loving with her family :) she's just really starting to take in faces, and enjoy sharing smiles and coos! 

Bella helped Jack bath, enjoying getting squirted by his water toys!

These kids are so lucky to be so loved and have so much fun playing :)! And it was so nice to come home to a VERY clean home!

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Exploring the Woods

It's likely not a scene any of you have seen us playing in. Not because it's far away or hard to get to - because I'm only now comfy playing here. Yes... over-protective mother party of one, please. 

I know there is very few things better for your kid than letting them play away their days in the woods climbing trees, throwing sticks and eating dirt. I see all these posts and memes about how previous generations had no technology, had no supervision and survived. Well, all I can say is times have changed. The pressure put on parents to not only shield their children from everything, watch their every move and fill their children's every waking moment with educational crap and magical moments is huge. I mean soul-crushing, overwhelmingly huge. So it's this sort of mentality that clouded my judgement on how fun and kid-friendly woods can be. I mean I spent a LOT of my childhood playing in the woods down the road unsupervised and loved it. And survived obviously. But becoming a mother changes you and your perception of what is actually dangerous. Instead of focusing on the mushrooms that could potentially kill him, or the gross bugs and spiders, or the sticks that could poke out his eyes, I've tried to just focus on the fun exploration opportunity! Take a chill pill Mommy, it's a good time. 

Other than the cool play slide given to us by our neighbours, our backyard is pretty much wooded.  So I left Jack to his own devices and after a minute of boredom, he found some sticks and wanted to build the little pigs house from the story of the big bad wolf and three little pigs (his latest obsession). Then followed a long performance of the story with all of us rotating roles (even Phoebe played the part of a piggy, with Jack doing her voice acting)

"See Phoebe... The wolf eats the piggy because the house wasn't strong enough. Don't worry, it's only pretend"

The moment of the wolf coming down the chimney was priceless - Jack wolf yowling from being turned into wolf soup and Phoebe giggled her heart out. Watch out Jack, she's got your number. 

So we spent two hours playing, imagining and acting. He didn't die, suffer an injury or even become mildly upset (unless you count when he couldn't remember what the third pigs house was made out of and freaked out. Oh toddlers.). 

Monday, 11 August 2014

Sibling snuggles in the Racecar bed!

Jack is just in love with Pheebs. He loves to brag about her to strangers in the store, help change her bum, pick out her outfits and burp her. But I was floored when he asked to share his bed with her and do snuggles. 

Since she has arrived his behaviour has been all over the map. As is what is expected and normal I'm told. Of course with each day, it gets better and better. I was worried he would feel angry towards her, but thankfully he reserves most of his pickle bottom moments for Mommy and Daddy. It just makes me extra appreciative that even though he is struggling some days to adjust to our new life, he has big hearts in his eyes when it comes to his baby Phoebe!

He shared his little animals, made them dance for her and we all shared giggles and smiles while she tooted in his bed! In his mind, best sister ever :)

Big kisses and hugs! 

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Playing at Kingsport

Goodness. What is it about baby's not being compatible with keeping a consistent blog?! Thankfully Phoebe is now a part of our routine, and I can find a little time to continue our blog :)

This morning we headed out for a fun adventure! Jack LOVES the ocean, and we found a great beach to play at :)

We love Kingsport beach and it's only a 15 minute drive from our house. Even though it was grey and gloomy this morning, the sun poked out often. Jack started out just throwing rocks... But soon...

And then...

Haha doesn't matter how cold the ocean is - he loves it! He "fished" with a stick, hunted for crab remains, threw many rocks and collected shells in a pile on the shore. Living so close to the ocean is wonderful, making it a perfect playground for exploration and imagination. 

Phoebe was tucked away in her Onya, loving life. The BOB is awesome, but I wasn't interested in pushing it through the mushy sand. She loved being snuggled up to me sniffing that salty air!

(Hair was down for all of two minutes - ocean air was giving me "crazy hair" as Jack calls it!! Haha oh toddler honesty..)

We stayed for almost two hours, then as we were leaving we met a new friend :)

We met Easy, the beautiful Samoyed. Jack loved that she looked like Lucy except probably 25lbs heavier and taller. 

Then we zoomed home for fresh clothes, blankets and ... Rudolph the red nosed reindeer. Because that's just what we do after a morning at the beach!