Friday, 11 July 2014


Week one all complete. Thank goodness. I feel much better having one week under my belt and just knowing I can handle two kids all day alone and manage to get out once or twice. It has been definitely a challenge, but went much smoother than I imagined. 

Yesterday we drove to Fall Lake for the morning and visited all our family staying at the cottages there. The lake was beautiful and Jack was in love with the kayaks, dogs and ducks. 

Phoebe travelled like a champ and despite me getting a little lost, our first "longer than 30 min car trip" went smoothly. 

Today we had a day close to home which was lovely. We all needed the home time, and great adventures (and naps!) we're had by all. We even managed to get out for two walks today which was lovely. Aside from walking, we spent most of the day playing cars and farm animals. 
Highlights of the day were the return of muffin making to our lives and finding a fun Eric Carle animated story set of shows. 

Phoebe is doing wonderfully. She had a much more solid sleep last night thank goodness despite our battle with oversupply. For any breastdeeding mom out there who's been there - it's a struggle!

We're totally ready for the weekend - I'm ready to not be outnumbered haha! Happy weekend everyone :)

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