Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Our trios first outing: A Pool Party :)!

The weather has been hot hot hot and humid here - perfect combo for a pool party! We were invited over to Sams to enjoy a splash, play and romp in the yard. It was our first outing as a trio also, so I was a little apprehensive. But thankfully it was a bundle of fun :)!

Just what we needed to start off our day while the sun came up. Watching Harold and his purple crayon,  having coffee, banana in a bowl and breastmilk. (You can likely sort out who had what haha)

Our morning started off VERY early at 5am watching cartoons! While 5am isn't really all that early, it is if you were up in the night several times feeding a little one. Both Jack and Phoebe coordinated their wake up times and so I gave up on trying to get them back to sleep and we started our day early! It's just as well, Jack spent hours getting pumped up to go play with his friends. 

Swim trunks, shirt and hat all ready for pool party fun an hour before we had to leave the house. 

Jack loved getting to see his friends and I did too! After being home alone all day for two days in a row, I was ready to do something fun! It's wonderful to not be hugely pregnant because everything is easier; walking, crouching, wrestling clothes and shoes onto a toddler etc. even if it's means I'm trading it for lugging around another little one while sleep deprived - I'll take it :)!

I win the prize getting all four boys in the picture at once haha! 

Sophie and Phoebe! The girls hanging out together :)! 

It was a perfect morning with sunshine, warmth and a comfortable breeze! :)

And we were given a wonderful gift: premade dinner with dessert :)!! Thankyou Adam, Alison, Sam and Sophie - so very delicious and appreciated! Butter chicken, rice, nann bread and ice cream. Oh and a HUGE chocolate bar... Which shrunk significantly upon entering our house hahah ;-)!
 And Jack helped Phoebe get to know her new little penguin friend :)

All in all, a wonderful day :)! Day three complete. I have a good feeling we're all going to survive the week. 

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  1. I'm not a bit biased, but those are VERY cute kids. Love your hat Jack. Love to all