Friday, 4 July 2014

Friends come to play and meet Phoebe!

We are so blessed to have a bundle of awesome little friends and Mommies that we hang out with several times a week at parks, playgroups or someone's house. Since Phoebe has been born we haven't been out doing too much and Jack desperately missed his pals. So this morning they all came over for playing and to meet the newest little one of the bunch :)
Naturally Phoebe was wide awake the hour before they arrived, then conked out right before people came. But only after she had a huge spit up all over herself and me haha. 

Gracie meeting Phoebe!! Ah melt my heart :) Grace was born just as I was newly pregnant! 

Big bad wolves blowing down the house the little piggy was in! 

It was so great to see everyone :) thankyou all for coming! Cannot wait to get back into routine and get in lots of fun play this summer. 

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