Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Fresh Air is Healing

They say that when you are raising a newborn, try to get outside daily to lift your spirits and mild exercise. It is supposed to help you weather the storm - and I totally agree. Which is why we have all the devices to get outside easily. BOBs and Onya! 

Yesterday we all needed fresh air to shake off some grumpies! So we got out and blew some bubbles - Phoebe too! She was just in that kind of mood where she wanted to be held and bounced which is hard to accomplish and blow bubbles. 
Her second time in the Onya was much better since she was fed and in a clean diaper. 

Happy baby happy momma

Even when it started to rain we didn't have to turn in, just busted out the weather cover which is hidden in a little pocket on the front of the carrier. It easily snaps up and you don't have to do a lot of messing around which is good because Jack and I were in the middle of a hide and seek game. 
"Hiding behind the car" and enjoying the rain!

Getting outside isn't just a mood changer for me, but for Jack too! He loves to run, chase and be wild. Being cooped up isn't good for anyone, we came inside an hour later much soggier (!) but happier people :). 
And Phoebe was so comfy she fell into a deep sleep that she didn't wake up from even when I took her out and put her in her crib. Yippee. Double win!

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