Monday, 7 July 2014

Finding a new normal

That was today's theme! Finding a new normal. Thankfully, I have a great network of support from hubby, family and friends all cheering me on and it is impowering. I was seriously concerned that taking on both of them solo with Phoebe being less than two weeks old. Thank you everyone for your kind messages and encouragement :) you're all my favourites!

I told Jack "well it's just me alone today bud". And Jack said "No Mommy, I'm here too!" Isn't that the truth :). 

Scott is back to work this morning, his two weeks of parental leave is up! Since he is self employed he doesn't receive any benefits as far as parental leave so we have saved up for months so we could afford a little "family staycation" as Phoebe gets settled. And while he does work from home tucked away in his office, he's only a text away should disaster strike! Thankfully today all I needed him for was to unbury our double BOB from the storage room. 

Jack and Phoebe are both incredibly patient with me while I scramble to meet their every need. Jack is very understanding that Phoebe is "just a baby" and therefore needs extra attention sometimes. Truthfully out of the two, Jack is more demanding of my attention haha. Good thing Phoebe is okay with getting her meals on the go while Momma plays cars, play doh or cooks lunch cradling her. 

She is an amazingly content baby who gives clear "I'm hungry" "I'm sleepy" signs. And the second time around it's easier to read them too! Both Scott and I have really benefitted from The Secrets of the Baby Whisperer book.  It's helped us get Phoebe in a great cycle of eating awake and sleeping so her needs are being met consistently. Translation = much less of a cranky bum. Also, it has great advice on managing a toddler as you introduce a newborn to your family.

We spent the morning playing and went out of a walk. The sunshine and fresh air does wonders for all of our moods, thank goodness for the double BOB. It was more like a grand tour than a walk as most of our neighbours flocked to the street once we emerged from the house. Phoebe got to meet many of them as we all discussed newborns and the storm. Jack loved showing off his baby sister and was sure to inform them all her poop is yellow. (A game we play while he helps me change her diaper, "Guess what colour her poop is!" Hint: it's always bright yellow, but Jack loves to guess every other colour before landing on yellow haha)

So amazingly today wasn't as difficult as I thought. While it had its challenging moments, it's entirely worth it because I got to spend the day with the two sweetest little kids. 

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