Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Bringing Home Phoebe: One week old :)!

Well I haven't seriously blogged in ages, mostly because the last month of pregnancy is just plain sucky.

I was just surviving the last few weeks and praying she came soon to finish off my misery. Thankfully my amazing Dr was more than agreeable to bring her before or on her due date since she was already quite sizeable. My birth experience was just perfect, and bringing her into the world couldn't have gone more smoothly if we tried. (Except my bloodwork and IV which they had to do twice each and resulted in  a ridiculous amount of blood pouring out my hand like a horror movie onto the floor!) 

My super birth coach and partner in crime :)! 

2 hours old and we couldn't be happier!

Proud Daddy holding his baby girl!

We had a wonderful experience at the hospital here and are SO appreciative of all the nurses and doctors hard work. We both must have said a million times what a crazy a job that must be - all you medical professionals out there are AMAZING. We bow down to your tolerance of yucky things, long shifts and calmness.

Now we are home, a family of four! It has been an adjustment, with some heavy work commitments on Scott's part keeping things busy. But it was a much smoother transition than we imagined! Phoebe is extremely content and Jack is extremely pleased to have her here :)  Lucy is likely the most stressed out of all of us, but a regular supply of bones and walks has kept her craziness minimized. 

One week old on Canada day :)!

Yesterday Phoebe turned one week old and we can't believe there was life before she got here. Her and I ventured out to the grocery store alone this afternoon which was thrilling and terrifying all at once. Now with an outing under our belts I feel much better equipped to handle the upcoming weeks when Scott is back to working full time. The summer is going to be exciting with lots of family visiting, beaches, playing at the park and going for big walks :) I can't believe it's July already and I am so very thankful that she  is here and I'm no longer pregnant! Yippee!

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  1. Well done Mum & Phoebe! We are delighted you are both healthy and well. Welcome to the family little one - Nana and I look forward to meeting you. Love to all four plus the furries