Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Baby things are so fun!

Yes babies have quite the market of fun things you can buy them. This time we were more sensible as far as buying useful things and not just cute things haha. Now that Phoebe is two weeks old we can start trying out two things I'm SUPER psyched about :)
 The first one is our Onya baby carrier! I absolutely LOVE the product and we bought a baby insert for it so we could use it starting right away. She fussed at first but then settled in and enjoyed being bounced around while we puttered around outside watering plants.

Jack is an enthusiastic gardener :) he was thrilled to use his watering can and refilling it from our big jug I brought outside. 

He loves taking care of his "baby plants" and was thrilled to see some flowers and buds growing :)! It was a nice activity to do outside without suffering in the sweltering humidity!

Don't mind my derpy expression - the sunshine was so bright!

I found the Onya much more comfy than other wraps, slings and carriers I've tried before. It's encouraging that Phoebe responded well to it also :) with some practice we will be unstoppable! 

The other fun thing we get to start using is her little cutie cloth diapers!! I've been patiently waiting on that ugly belly button to heal up. And now that it's all healed I feel good wearing them on her and it shouldn't irritate her. 

They're on their nearly smallest little setting, but she's getting bigger each day ! Thankfully they fit snug around her chunky little legs - most important! 

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