Thursday, 19 June 2014

Birthday Party fun: Happy Birthday Denver!

Sending out a huge Happy Birthday to Denver, one of Jack's best pals! We can't just sit around the house all day waiting for Phoebe so were so glad to have a fun morning out to go play with friends and celebrate! They had a beautiful shaded spot for the kids to romp, color, play and enjoy a morning of fun with the birthday boy!

We played an adorable game of hot potato which was mostly led by the adults coaxing the kids to pass the ball. Jack like all the other kids quickly figured out that holding onto the ball meant you win the prize, so he wasn't too keen on passing it after a couple times lol. In the end they all own adorable prizes and Jack was over the moon his was an Angry Bird Star Wars colouring set. 

Denver's motorized tractor was a huge hit with the kids. Jack had never driven one before so he really was a holy terror bombing around the yard. They were all enthused about racing and amazingly took turns really well. Thankfully Jack has his two buddies Denver and Alfie to teach him all the ins and outs of driving, and they removed all the toys in his way. 

Swinging on the bench together while the party is getting all set up :) 

Jack got in lots of time with Rachel, Ciel and Grace - his girls :)! He even got in some practice holding Gracie (wow my baby holding a baby - yikes how he's grown!) and snuggles. 

They enjoyed a ton of snacks, juice, cupcakes and prizes hidden all around the yard (Jack has a hoard of little animals and gummy snakes that he has adopted into his family of animals here at home haha) Denver is such an amazing little boy with a big heart and had no trouble sharing all his toys with the kids and even hugged Jack tight when he had a broken hearted cry that they were singing "Happy Birthday Denver" and not Happy birthday Jack. Oh my lol it is hard being a toddler. 

They finished off the morning running around "playing baseball". Chris had them running every which way and fetching the ball which was perfect to run off all that party excitement :)! 

As much as I'm not enjoying being hugely pregnant, I am relieved we were able to make it to Denver's birthday party :) now Phoebe can come anytime! 

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