Friday, 2 May 2014

My first crochet project: Chevron with a pink ruffle!

Thank you to everyone out there who helped me along in learning to crochet. It's not the first time I've tried, and I'm really pleased I've pursued. I'm eternally grateful for the YouTube suggestions and pins on Pinterest to inspire me because last night I finished up my first crochet project and I'm just smitten with it. 

Firstly, it went very smoothly with no ripping out of rows, no tantrums and no big gaping holes.  I cannot say that of many of my knitting projects lol! I really enjoy crocheting, definitely a new obsession as I am already making progress on a large bed blanket for Jack. Since I'm forcing myself to sit more, rest more and overall just be more calm (being pregnant has been peachy lol) as I survive my way to June, I have had lots of time to work away on my crocheting skills. Jack and I spend most mornings zooming around to playgroups, and the afternoons he zonks out which gives me a solid couple hours of free time. I has been gardening (yay Phoebe turned head down now, so crawling around gardening served it's purpose) and getting chores accomplished. But a little bit of rest goes a long way for keeping my hips and back nearly pain free, not to mention battling Braxton Hicks contractions that literally take my breath away.  Keeping my hands busy is always a plus while I take in some sunshine, music or TV. 

I used this pattern for the chevron stripes, because she provides you with a little extra to fill in the points at the edges to make the blanket square. Then I used a handy little tutorial on how to do a big ruffled edge and of course threw in some wild pink :). We've been careful to not go too pink crazy incase Phoebe is really a boy fooling us all this time. But I couldn't resist a fun pink ruffle to liven up a pretty neutral blanket. I'm digging the size, which will be great for tummy time, car seat or stroller time. 
Or you know, Lucy snuggles. (Sirius is also RIGHT there ready to climb on the blanket once I finished getting pictures of it!)

Knowing what I know now about crocheting, the pattern uses all single crochet stitches which definitely made it longer to make. But I really loved the process and it still came together faster than most knitted blankets I've made. I also really like the weight of a crochet stitched item for things like blankets. Just feels quite cozy!

My next project like I mentioned above is already in the works for Jack. It's inspired by several pins I've seen on Pinterest, but I'm customizing it to be an obvious work of his interests :)

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