Monday, 19 May 2014

May Long Weekend: Chillin' out!

Or as we could also call this weekend - that time we fed all the black flies of the Valley! Yeah, they love me alright. Not only because I'm their fav snack since 1986, but apparently because I'm pregnant. Yet another blessing to add to the list of pregnancy related awesomeness I get to experience for another 4.5 (give or take) weeks. I'm beyond thrilled for Phoebe to arrive on the scene, but the waiting is killing me. Mentally and physically. Thank goodness that the sun is shining and everything is just lovely outside. Certainly my favourite time of year before it gets too hot and muggy (but it is a little buggy!). 

We've spent our weekend gardening, prepping the lawn, getting haircuts, cat sitting, zooing it up, errands, hand washing dishes (AGh) and relaxing. Our dishwasher had a major bust out and leaked all over our kitchen but thankfully we caught it ontime. Of course that meant we had to hand wash the lot of dirty dishes, but the dishwasher was seriously old and we knew it was only a matter of time. We also loathed the interior setup and it's inability to get the dishes actually clean. So we excitedly bought another one, and hopefully it will be in to Sears soon so we can begin enjoying its awesomeness. 

We spent a lot of time playing in the yard, getting perennials in the ground, getting dandelions out, mowing, watering and just general care for the place. We have a real grub problem that the crows are really enjoying. We've picked up some nematode sand since the rains are a coming this week we will soon see the end of our lawn getting destroyed by enthusiastic crows partying like it's their job.  Jack has been enthusiastically shooing them away, but of course we can't leave it up to him because he looses interest too quickly. He's been helping me plant some hostas today and very much likes that the plants are getting bigger. I will post some pictures when I actually remember to take some! We are also going to get some mulch to redo our flower beds so they are all spruced up. Once the heat hits and Phoebe is here I know our gardnening ambitions are going to dissolve, so it feels good to get it mostly tackled now!

We lamented the fact we weren't travelling somewhere fun or camping this weekend, since that seems to be what everyone is up to. Obviously being this pregnant kind of limits your activities (or drive to do much). But relaxing actually turned out to be a breath of fresh air and we accomplished so much around the house :) Hope everyone had a fabulous time doing whatever fun things they got up to this weekend. Bring on summer! 

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