Monday, 12 May 2014

Gardening with Jack

Since we've had such nice weather, it's mid May and the garden centres are open we've picked up some plants to get our garden growing :). This house has been blessed with a beautifully landscaped walkway up to our front door (thanks to the previous owners) and it gets lots of sunshine. Since I opened up a space by removing a huge juniper last fall, it's time to get down to business and plant the flowers instead of it being the worlds biggest litterbox for all our neighbours cats.  I've done a lot of prep getting the garden ready otherwise at this point I would have bailed on the whole plan due to the hilarious figure I am sporting. Crawling around on my hands and knees definitely helped Phoebe get into a good position, but I don't think it's doing wonders for my back. I'm pretty sure our neighbours get a kick out of watching me lumber around. (I feel like one of those wildly pregnant goats at Oaklawn Farm) Thankfully this too will pass and we will all soon enjoy some baby girl snuggles!

(That's what I get for saying "Make sure Mommy can see your face too!")

Mimi graciously dug a ton of perennials out of her yard and sent them up here so I planted those as soon as I could weather permitting. Which meant they did sit in pots for a few days, but they are seriously hardy plants! 

Then Jack and I headed to Home Depot to order a rug for Phoebes nursery.  It was a long drawn out process because apparently the one we picked was not only special order, but they have discontinued it. Thankfully I had two wonderful customer service people helping me and after some calls to the distributer warehouse we managed to get one ordered.  Of course all of this fenangling meant Jack and I had some browsing time so we checked out their garden centre and made some purchases.  

A long time ago (like in March) Jack and I had a lengthy talk about berries coming from plants and we could grow some of our own. Apparently that promise stuck so his little eagle eyes spied strawberry plants right away. We also picked up some cutie little perennials that Jack liked. Who knows how they will actually fare, but when we planted them he patted them so gently and told them they were home. Awes. 

We got them home and got to planting. Usually when I garden, prune, weed etc Jack observes while wearing his gardening gloves. But since he had an invested interest in the strawberries he did help :)
They're planted in a great location, but I'm certain that while we will have berries it's most likely that the birds will enjoy more of them than we will haha. 

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