Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Dishwasher Saga: Ten Days later we celebrate!

Our ancient old dishwasher busted a few hoses and leaked dramatically in a few mins, semi flooding part of our kitchen. But never fear we totally got this - had been expecting it and so we excitedly bought our new one then waited ten days for it to get here. Thankyou Sears. 

Jack actually laid on Scott's back and watched keenly over his shoulder for several minutes while he was unhooking our old one. Yes, that is the dishes that accumulated on our counter since Sears called today sayin our dishwasher was in. Hand washing dishes stinks, and we know we are privelaged to have a dishwasher. Please no stories about "back in the day", I don't think we could handle it ;-)! 

Daddy got to work installing it with many little helpers! He did an excellent job throughout the evening not breaking or flooding anything and patiently entertaining my "so how's it going in there?" questions. All I can say is I thank my lucky stars he is handy because it would take me ages to even mister up the energy to read the manual. 

And while Scott worked away installing, I got to work decorating the box it came in as a surprise for Jack in the morning :) Yes, that is true to the dynamic of our relationship right there. 

Phoebe bump and I got to work designing cutie windows, door and peek hole! Doodle wall and smaller doodle wall too because nothing is more annoying than trying to draw a masterpiece picture on the side of a box that is covered in crap about which was is Up. I ended up running out of packing tape leftover from our last (of many) move. 

More pics to come tomorrow when we are enjoying clean dishes and much box house fun :)!

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