Saturday, 31 May 2014

Apple Blossom Children's Parade!

We headed out the Children's parade this morning and soaked up beautiful sunshine, cool breezes and lots of fun! We even got to meet up with Jacks throughout the morning friends so it was super special for him too!

Jack and his BFF Denver taking in the sights!

There were some really fun little floats, dancing kids, police motorcycles, fire trucks and a "big truck!" It was just the perfect length of time, the big street parade later in the day is awesome but likely too long for Jack to sit through. 

With traffic being nuts, we parked kinda far away so we were able to enjoy a nice long walk back to the car and stopped for a delicious cream soda flavoured snowcone! We saw people all throughout the parade with the funky bowls and delicious flavours and just had to have some. This booth will make a killing this weekend. 

And Jack was thrilled to eat snow (until the brain freeze set in!)

Hope that everyone has a wonderful weekend enjoying all the festivities! It's going to be beautiful!

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Dishwasher Saga: Ten Days later we celebrate!

Our ancient old dishwasher busted a few hoses and leaked dramatically in a few mins, semi flooding part of our kitchen. But never fear we totally got this - had been expecting it and so we excitedly bought our new one then waited ten days for it to get here. Thankyou Sears. 

Jack actually laid on Scott's back and watched keenly over his shoulder for several minutes while he was unhooking our old one. Yes, that is the dishes that accumulated on our counter since Sears called today sayin our dishwasher was in. Hand washing dishes stinks, and we know we are privelaged to have a dishwasher. Please no stories about "back in the day", I don't think we could handle it ;-)! 

Daddy got to work installing it with many little helpers! He did an excellent job throughout the evening not breaking or flooding anything and patiently entertaining my "so how's it going in there?" questions. All I can say is I thank my lucky stars he is handy because it would take me ages to even mister up the energy to read the manual. 

And while Scott worked away installing, I got to work decorating the box it came in as a surprise for Jack in the morning :) Yes, that is true to the dynamic of our relationship right there. 

Phoebe bump and I got to work designing cutie windows, door and peek hole! Doodle wall and smaller doodle wall too because nothing is more annoying than trying to draw a masterpiece picture on the side of a box that is covered in crap about which was is Up. I ended up running out of packing tape leftover from our last (of many) move. 

More pics to come tomorrow when we are enjoying clean dishes and much box house fun :)!

Monday, 19 May 2014

May Long Weekend: Chillin' out!

Or as we could also call this weekend - that time we fed all the black flies of the Valley! Yeah, they love me alright. Not only because I'm their fav snack since 1986, but apparently because I'm pregnant. Yet another blessing to add to the list of pregnancy related awesomeness I get to experience for another 4.5 (give or take) weeks. I'm beyond thrilled for Phoebe to arrive on the scene, but the waiting is killing me. Mentally and physically. Thank goodness that the sun is shining and everything is just lovely outside. Certainly my favourite time of year before it gets too hot and muggy (but it is a little buggy!). 

We've spent our weekend gardening, prepping the lawn, getting haircuts, cat sitting, zooing it up, errands, hand washing dishes (AGh) and relaxing. Our dishwasher had a major bust out and leaked all over our kitchen but thankfully we caught it ontime. Of course that meant we had to hand wash the lot of dirty dishes, but the dishwasher was seriously old and we knew it was only a matter of time. We also loathed the interior setup and it's inability to get the dishes actually clean. So we excitedly bought another one, and hopefully it will be in to Sears soon so we can begin enjoying its awesomeness. 

We spent a lot of time playing in the yard, getting perennials in the ground, getting dandelions out, mowing, watering and just general care for the place. We have a real grub problem that the crows are really enjoying. We've picked up some nematode sand since the rains are a coming this week we will soon see the end of our lawn getting destroyed by enthusiastic crows partying like it's their job.  Jack has been enthusiastically shooing them away, but of course we can't leave it up to him because he looses interest too quickly. He's been helping me plant some hostas today and very much likes that the plants are getting bigger. I will post some pictures when I actually remember to take some! We are also going to get some mulch to redo our flower beds so they are all spruced up. Once the heat hits and Phoebe is here I know our gardnening ambitions are going to dissolve, so it feels good to get it mostly tackled now!

We lamented the fact we weren't travelling somewhere fun or camping this weekend, since that seems to be what everyone is up to. Obviously being this pregnant kind of limits your activities (or drive to do much). But relaxing actually turned out to be a breath of fresh air and we accomplished so much around the house :) Hope everyone had a fabulous time doing whatever fun things they got up to this weekend. Bring on summer! 

Saturday, 17 May 2014

Jacks First Salon Haircut

Today Jack had his first hair appointment bright and early :)! We talked a lot about it for days, how you need to sit still, what our stylists name was etc. He was very excited, and only a little bit nervous when he was actually in the chair. Honestly I'm not sure if it was nerves, or just how he reacts to new situations. He sat very still, chatted with Krissy and loved the Dino cape he got to wear. 

They were SO sweet and made a huge deal about it for him including a certificate. Oh yes and he got to pick his own sucker which he had never had before. So exciting. 

The certificate is super cute :)! I honestly didn't think he would have enough hair to get his haircut. Like ever. Haha, so it's just so exciting to see him growing up. I was supremely proud of him for being so cooperative, because it could have just as easily gone the other way!

And then we went through the Tim Horton's drive thru who are celebrating their birthday so they were all decorated with balloons and giving away free cake donuts. Jack was under thE impression the coffee store was also celebrating his first haircut haha :) 

Such a great way to kick off the long weekend :) Happy May long weekend everyone!

Monday, 12 May 2014

Gardening with Jack

Since we've had such nice weather, it's mid May and the garden centres are open we've picked up some plants to get our garden growing :). This house has been blessed with a beautifully landscaped walkway up to our front door (thanks to the previous owners) and it gets lots of sunshine. Since I opened up a space by removing a huge juniper last fall, it's time to get down to business and plant the flowers instead of it being the worlds biggest litterbox for all our neighbours cats.  I've done a lot of prep getting the garden ready otherwise at this point I would have bailed on the whole plan due to the hilarious figure I am sporting. Crawling around on my hands and knees definitely helped Phoebe get into a good position, but I don't think it's doing wonders for my back. I'm pretty sure our neighbours get a kick out of watching me lumber around. (I feel like one of those wildly pregnant goats at Oaklawn Farm) Thankfully this too will pass and we will all soon enjoy some baby girl snuggles!

(That's what I get for saying "Make sure Mommy can see your face too!")

Mimi graciously dug a ton of perennials out of her yard and sent them up here so I planted those as soon as I could weather permitting. Which meant they did sit in pots for a few days, but they are seriously hardy plants! 

Then Jack and I headed to Home Depot to order a rug for Phoebes nursery.  It was a long drawn out process because apparently the one we picked was not only special order, but they have discontinued it. Thankfully I had two wonderful customer service people helping me and after some calls to the distributer warehouse we managed to get one ordered.  Of course all of this fenangling meant Jack and I had some browsing time so we checked out their garden centre and made some purchases.  

A long time ago (like in March) Jack and I had a lengthy talk about berries coming from plants and we could grow some of our own. Apparently that promise stuck so his little eagle eyes spied strawberry plants right away. We also picked up some cutie little perennials that Jack liked. Who knows how they will actually fare, but when we planted them he patted them so gently and told them they were home. Awes. 

We got them home and got to planting. Usually when I garden, prune, weed etc Jack observes while wearing his gardening gloves. But since he had an invested interest in the strawberries he did help :)
They're planted in a great location, but I'm certain that while we will have berries it's most likely that the birds will enjoy more of them than we will haha. 

Sunday, 11 May 2014

Happy Mothers Day Picnic

We headed out this morning to Blomidon for some picnicking :)! Of course it's beautiful out, but at
blomidon a little breezy! And by a little, I mean a lot. 

But the wind actually was just hilarious. All of our picnic supplies were weighed down and Scott put our camp stove over by the change rooms to shelter it from the wind. 

We had the best time just laughing about the wind, although Jack took it quite personally when the Pringles chips were blown out of his hand and then he feared for his paper plate (rightfully so). Jack had his first camping hot dog which he loved, even if he had to munch it down with mittens on. 

Originally we had planned to walk down to the beach and gather up some rocks, but it turns out we had a full enough morning just preparing lunch, running around in the grass and eating so we saved the beach for another time. 

And the drive out there is always beautiful, but especially fun for Jack when cows are close to the road. These are the sweetest little cows, I just wanted to nuzzle their furry little faces!

Happy Mothers Day to all of you! I hope you get to spend the day enjoying the beautiful weather :) a great day to celebrate being a mom!