Monday, 14 April 2014

Spring has Sprung: Easter Party with Friends & Bike Ride!

After a long week of being sick, Jack desperately missed seeing friends at playgroup (And I did too!) It was so very lovely to get out of the house today, chat, play and do crafts :) Oh and of course doing some Easter egg hunting. It was Jack's first hunt, and he LOVED it.  The weather was especially beautiful and mild. Dare I say it? Spring is likely here to stay!

Exhibit A - beautiful little spring crocuses! I vow to plant some this year so we can enjoy them next spring.
The kids all made a sweet little Easter bunny egg holder. Jack was enthused about the pom pom tail, but graciously let mommy do the rest of the decorating haha. 

Don't let the hat and coat fool you, it was so mild outside! Jack is just attached to the idea of wearing a toque outside. We're going to have to find a fun ball cap to keep him interested in hats!
The kids were angels to pose all 6 of them for a group shot.  I took probably 30 pics total of them all. Jack is MORE than happy to sit and cheese it up (as you all know who frequent my blog), especially if he's allowed to munch on his chocolate eggs haha.  

And we had a little bitty baby bunny too that joined the party! Gracie is such a little angel baby :) with the sweetest little easter hat to boot!

After all the partying Jack was pooped! He went down for his nap easily and slept for hours! I got outside and spent the afternoon hacking away at our bushes getting them all in shape.  Some of them were wildly out of control, while others just needed a little help here and there.  Since little baby Phoebe is not head down yet either, this was an excellent chance for her to do some major wiggling while I crawled around and hunched over fixing up the gardens. I'm so pleased with the extra space all the pruning has left us with. It is going to be perfect to plot some little gardens.  Jack is extremely excited to have his own garden and he has picked out some bulbs we are going to plant soon.  Pictures to come of our little gardening man.

The weather was the most beautiful it has been yet in 2014.  It meant it was time to bust out the bike and head to the park :)

My new favourite photo of this kid.  His smile is sunshine.

Carefully selecting the perfect rocks to toss down the slide. 
Jack was SO darn excited to get his bike out and hit the open road.  He even picked out an outfit to wear to the park that would keep him warm (which wasn't really necessary!) :) He is MUCH bigger than he was this time last year, it looks as though we'll need to get him a new bike soon. 

Cool, calm and collected. Who is this dog?!
Lucy Update: It is like having a new dog.  Not only is she capable of having people enter our yard without barking like a maniac (even the mailman), but she is much more relaxed about meeting people/kids/dogs.  Its as though a great burden has been lifted off her to act like a crazy dog and just be herself.  If you have a barky dog, I highly recommend it.  Life. Changing. 

And one last hilarious photo of Jack :).  It gives me a glimpse into his wild teenage mohawk years - love it!

Thanks for stopping by and enjoying another post about our Happily Hectic Household!

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  1. Glad to see our boy is doing better. Love