Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Outside Play!

Honestly I cannot believe how lovely the spring weather has been to us the last week. Getting outside each day for a couple hours has been so refreshing. Goodness knows in the last few weeks my pregnancy has just been less and less comfortable, fresh air has been a welcome change. 

Jack loves being outside, and he is that much older that he will stay in the yard to play, and entertain himself really well with all nature has to offer. 

His favourite things to do is draw with chalk, chase bubbles and garden. Thankfully he actually is a good helper with thing outside instead of when he was younger. 

And he got a new bike from the Easter Bunny so we are practicing steering on little trips up the road and back. But I'm certain once he conquers how to properly steer we will be on longer walks. 

The other awesome thing is that Lucy has been a saint. She is truly like a different dog, much more manageable during the daytime, on walks and just hanging out in the yard. Even Jack has been noticing her good behaviour and praising her for not barking. We've made him a part of her training and he loves giving her treats when we come home and she doesn't bark. I think it's been a good bonding experience for them who have had a love/hate relationship in the past. 

One thing I'm noticing is how much imagination he has compared to the last time he played with chalk. It's amazing how quickly they change, and how it seems to sneak up on us!

While sometimes I am sad all the baby seems to be gone from him and he's all little boy, I'm really enjoying watching him grow up. Every age he reaches is just much more fun than the last. 


  1. I would like to know how you bent over and wrote that JACK on the driveway! Baahaa, I love seeing him outside every day too.. nice for him and for you.

  2. I've got some painting he could do here in Ottawa! Better yet - I bet he'd love the pressure washer!! Love