Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Mo Willems parcel love from Korea!

Since it's been a long winter, we've seen our share of colds! Jack is just battling his last one and so we're taking a week long staycation to give him a chance to heal up. Since both of us get stir crazy with too much couch/tv time, it will be a week of painting, crafts, games and inside house fun. Hopefully some outside fun too since Jack has put in a request for a bike ride and trip to the park - the snow is quickly melting. 

It was the perfect time for a package to arrive in the mail from Aunty Steph! We got three awesome books - two stories and one activity book. I had never heard of the activity book, but I we have one book pigeon story so I knew it must be awesome.

Mo Willems is so freaking awesome. Jack loves the stories about the pidgeon, so he was super psyched to have pages he could colour that had the pigeon on it :)

I love that the tear out pages are thick so he can colour with his usual gusto and not rip through. Also, he can paint these without the paint soaking through to the table. The activities inside are for older kids, but with Mommys help Jack had no problem completing one. 

He listed all his fav snack foods that he through the pigeon and ducky would like to eat. And handing me each colour crayon to use (grapes are NOT purple according to Jack no matter what I said haha). 

Oh right - Mo Willems is awesome, and so is colouring. So Mommy had to get in on it too ;). 

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