Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Happy Birthday (Party) Lucy!

Thats right our darling little fluffy white baby is turning 9 today! We actually thought she was turning ten, but I registered her for birthday coupons with Global Pet foods when we first adopted her and they emailed me this morning telling me it was her 9th birthday. I shared the news with Jack off-handedly ("Did you know it's Lucy's birthday today?!") and he really loved the idea of making a birthday party for her. Since we were going out on this April Fools storm day for some errands, Jack helped me make a list of party essentials. Gifts, cake, hats.  He's basing his party planning on an episode of Harold and the Purple Crayon, where they have a party with all of his animals friends.

For one fleeting moment I thought "How fun would it be to bake a cake together?" But just the idea of it exhausted me ontop of the other things I was cooking today (more on that tomorrow) so we bought her a Walmart special cake haha. Walmart was difficult to navigate due to the renovations they are doing but thankfully we found all our party essentials. The cashier was so sweet and chatted up Jack querying about a party based on our purchases. He was all too eager to tell her all his party plans for Lucy and she was thrilled to hear he was planning a doggy birthday. 

Picked out Lucy's bone :)! Very proud party planner!
Studying up on his birthday material - aka watching the Harold episode and confirming his plans. :)
"Yes Cake.  Yes Gifts. Yes Hats!!"
We shopped for a new bone for her and a tasty treat too. Jack LOVES Global Pet foods and looking at all the fun dog toys (for himself, not for Lucy).

Snoozy pooch enjoying the peace and quiet!
Lucy is obviously oblivious to her birthday, but enjoyed a solid power nap while I was cooking and Jack was sleeping which I think makes for a super birthday overall. As lots of you know we have only had her since she was 4, not from a puppy. Otherwise I would post a sweetie little puppy picture of her to celebrate the event. Instead, Lucy in a party hat chewing her bone will have to do :)

We wore the hats on and off all day as it suits Jacks whims. He knew we had a cake for her and kept asking to do cake and gifts right away, so the hats were a good way to "celebrate her birthday" without getting to cake and gifts midday. In the end the reasoning that stuck was that we couldn't celebrate without Daddy!

And now some pics from our awesome doggy birthday bash :)

Lucy watches eagerly as Jack "helps" blow out her birthday candle (Yes we just reused his 2 birthday candle. She's a dog she'll never know haha)!
Lucy enjoying her new bone that caught the interest of the cats too.   It was a lamb something bone, looked so gross but to Lucy that just means it is the BEST! She was frantic when she first got it and had to hop around couches before settling on a spot so I could put down her blanket. 

Sirius getting into the party spirit and wearing a hat. Nope it did not last long, he wore it like a fake beard for a minute before shaking it off. 

Triumphant party planner celebrates with cake :). 
 All in all the best way to celebrate a 9th birthday when you are a pooch :) and a toddler who loves his dog! (and Cake!)

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  1. Happy Bday Lucy! Looks like you and Jack had fun. Nana and I miss you guys. Love