Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Enjoying the Zoo!

Goodness I don't know how I seem to get so behind on blogging... But things are busy! We headed to the zoo this morning for our new weekly visit (based on the weather). 

It was cool but lovely! The sunshine warmed us up, and there wasn't any wind. The animals were very active and interesting and we had the place mostly to ourself :)! The monkeys were in the barn until 11, because it was a little chilly. 

Jack is good friends with the piggies, and this morning one in particular was smitten with him :)! After a few minutes of piggy chats and snorts, we moved on to visit all the other creatures. But we did come back to say one last goodbye on our way out. 

It was wonderful to get to run and visit all morning, and thankfully with Jacks cold clearing up he is much more agreeable. He's an excellent listener usually when we go out together, so I didn't have to chase him around. Which would be nearly impossible for me to do anyway, I'm waddling around as is haha. 

After such a busy morning of running around and lots of fresh air, we had Lunch with Papa at their house! Jack was so thrilled to have a special lunch date. And then of course had a fabulous sleep!

I was treated to lots of furry snuggles too!

By afternoon it really warmed up, and we played out front for a teeny bit before driving back home. We had to of course search for any frogs in the pond that just opened up. So far, no frogs!

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