Monday, 17 March 2014

Toddler Tuesday: Enjoying our painting session with some spongey friends!

Today we made a stop at the Dollarama (where a saint of person turned in my forgotten purse so it was safely waiting for us) to pick up some more supplies for painting, colouring, and stickering.  Of course the moment nap was over it was time for some serious arts and crafts therapy for both of us.  

I love Pinterest as a source of inspiration.  From just glancing at a thumbnail picture I feel inspired to do so many great things with Jack, Scott, our pets, food, our house, knitting and for my own personal well being.  But I also loathe Pinterest because it can give you unfair expectations of a situation.  You know what I'm talking about - those uber cute handprint paintings etc. Most often I pin cool things to do with Jack picturing the next perfect piece of artwork to frame and place in our house.  But the most important thing about art I often forget is that it is an expression from the artist, not a replica of the craft you set out to do.  So moms out there who struggle to enjoy art/craft time with your fiercely independent little one - read on :). 

And in our case, most often the crafts/paintings all resemble a complete mudpile of mess that most people wouldn't call art.  Even most mothers wouldn't call art. And that is a little frustrating as the person who is orchestrating the event - me!  But I think embracing the process has made this latest art project really fun.  Jack LOVES to paint but doesn't like to be told how to hold a brush or how to apply paint to his picture/canvas.  Who can blame him? 

Fortunately last week he had a little experience painting with a sponge at the Clayground and we happened to have a bathtub bin of toys with some little sponges already in there.  In an act of desperation to stop this painting session from turning into another mud pile, I grabbed the dinos and Jack had the most fun taking his little dinos through the "paint mud", then having them do a rodeo race on the canvas and then take a bath before getting muddy again.  Not at all what I intended them for (I thought he would actually dip them and make an imprint) but it turned out to last almost an hour and was hilariously fun.  It also helped Jack step out of his shell with paint and actually get some on his hands which was taboo before. 

Using other things to paint with besides a paint brush is a stroke of genius (thank you awesome person out there who came up with the concept) - especially little sponge friends he already loves! I bought those little capsules with sponge animals in them that melt in water and we use them as potty time rewards before bath time.  They're so successful as rewards that we have a whole set that I wasn't quite sure what to do with them - until now!! I could actually really enjoy this art project together without any struggling to keep it going in a certain direction. As a bonus - it looks really nice as a finished product.

Our dino's going crazy!
It was so super messy and fun that we will totally be doing it again soon :) Hopefully this guy will get into using his fingers more and more! He's starting to realize the messier the better!

Washing up in the sink - selfie time :)!

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