Sunday, 9 March 2014

Sunday Afternoon Skating!

We finally got to public skate this afternoon for some fun skating :)! We tried last weekend but it was cancelled so this weekend we made sure to double check. We drive by the arena at least weekly on our way to soccer so Jack was eager to go into the rink this time instead of driving by!

Going SKATING!!!!!
Jack hasn't ever gotten to go to public skating, only ever toddler skate which is nearly dead empty most days. Which is great for learning in a quiet environment, but this kid thrives on learning from example. Once he saw all the people skating, his excitement was just through the roof :)

Jack worships the mayhem of crows and groups of kids, so this was just so fun for him to watch all the older kids zooming around the ice.  Everyone was considerate of the "learning skaters" who would bumble around the arena, and even a little guy from the group of hockey enthusiast skaters (racing around in half gear and doing crazy wipeouts) brought Jack over a red thing at one point when his was left behind and taken by someone else.  Loves it!

Mugging for a selfie through the glass on Momma's phone. 
The other awesome thing is he had never been skating with Daddy before, so that was a fun adventure! Daddy is apparently much more fun on ice than Mommy haha (especially now when bending over to pick up a toy is an olympic feat for me) so they had oodles of fun exploring the ice and people watching.

One chocolate Latte and baby bump safely seated off the ice watching the action! Okay, not entirely true because I spent most of the time taking pictures and video through the glass and waving wildly like a moron. Its okay - I was THAT mom today, and I loved it ;).
Jack really got the hang of skating with Daddy out there coaching him, and letting him do his own thing.  They took in some people watching, laughed and skated over to see the car advertisements on the boards (Jack LOVES them). 

At first I was guessing this skating thing would last 15 mins or less before he got frustrated, but he insisted on "more skating" for nearly the full hour :) Even when it was time to get off there was much protesting (ah toddler life). 

After a while Jack did much more independent skating around with Daddy following.  I'm sure that the extra ice time surrounded by people not using the red thingy inspired him to try unassisted skating.  I'm hopeful next winter we're going to make our own little rink in the yard for lots of skating times!

There were many visits to say Gi to me, but I'm pleased to say he did not miss me on the ice at all. We had prepared him for the idea that Momma was just going to watch him skate while Daddy was out on the ice, and I think he really enjoyed that more.  I mean really, who doesn't love having someone to wave to and take your picture while you are rockin' it on the ice ;)

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