Saturday, 1 March 2014

Samosas and Stories!

Woosh and just like that again it is the weekend! Somehow I've just been filling up my spare time (the non-toddler filled moments) doing some extra hours for work in the evening, knitting up a storm on my latest project, reading a new book (more on that this week), and making a conscious effort to rest my body.  Chasing a toddler, packing him up into the car, dressing for winter, sitting on bathroom floors potty training are all things that are just a bit more exhausting when toting around a baby bump. Coupled with our outings to playgroups etc my hips and legs are just sore and achey.  I'm very much appreciating the downtime I have now to rest before baby Phoebe arrives, but also yearning for the days to come where I'm no longer battling all the pregnancy woes.  Fortunately Jack is taking really well to all the "extra" help Mommy needs picking things up etc that he's rising to the challenge in many cases to help.  As you all know, toddler "helping" can sometimes be more time consuming than helpful, but I appreciate the sentiment and I'm not discouraging any of it.  

This morning we headed out to Wolfville to return some books to the library and get out a few more :) Jack has his own library bag and about once a week or when we go for playgroup we pick out a few more to bring home.  So far so good no late fees or missing books which is what I was worried about when starting this.  It helps that going to the library is so much fun we rarely go a week without visiting.  We even brought Daddy this morning and Jack was eager to give him the tour of fish tank and train set. I had also ordered a book for me that had come in so we all walked away with something fun. 
Reading some of our new library books while lunch was cooking - killing himself laughing at the funny finger worms :)
Since we were RIGHT THERE, we headed over to the bustling market.  It was filled with great smells, friendly people and great products.  Seems like ages ago we went to the Fredericton market on most of our Saturday mornings and it looks like when we have the time we will add this market into our weekend routine because we found samosas that are just SO darn delicious.  Yes, a bit more expensive, but more deep fried and wonderful. We look forward to going back again soon because there was a juice bar that looked like it would be a great place to try out a juice drink to fulfill our traditional market visit.  I find the more you go to these things the more things you find you like. We also ran into friends from playgroup that had lots of great suggestions on things to try.  Anyone out there go to the Wolfville market and have suggestions on awesome things to try? 

Jack was so taken with all the displays, food and products on display he just walked along pretty chilled out holding my hand and window shopping.  We bought a "chocolate cookie" that turned out to taste nothing like chocolate, but Jack enjoyed it just the same. 

Wow. So much cool things to look at...
And we tried to get a little cute photo of him in the scarecrow face but apparently the sunshine had other plans.  Jack also wasn't feeling it because when we came in there was a dog tied up to the scarecrow patiently sunbathing waiting on its owner.  Jack was desperate to locate the pooch so the picture was a moot point, but I'm sharing it regardless because Scott climbed into a snowbank and ducked awkwardly to produce this picture haha. :)

"Where'd the doggy go?!"
Happy Weekend everyone :)!

Thanks for stopping by and enjoying another post about our Happily Hectic Household!

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