Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Reptiles Rule: Visiting our slithery friends!

We had a great excursion to Greenwood yesterday to check on the cats while mom and dad were away, take in a reptile show with Jacks little friends, then have a play date lunch at the house.

Saying hello to the teeny crocodile :)!
The cages were filled with lots of great animals that Jack was all to eager to visit.  I'm not terrible squeamish about lizards and reptiles in general, but after seeing them in peoples hands and writhing around... I may be reforming my opinion on them.  Ewww. 

Hahaha, I LOVE that I got a picture of Jacks "watching the show" face because honestly this was him for 1% of the time.  He was much too set on actually getting to handle the creatures so he was seriously displeased to have to sit, watch and listen for 20 mins before getting to go see them.  That was my mistake since I pumped him up to see the animals and touch them without emphasizing the fact we would have to sit quietly and watch.   Ah well, in the end he really enjoyed visiting the animals.  

Yes, he touched the python and gave it a give squeeze. (Momma touched it too - I felt so brave haha)  Since we are Jungle Book enthusiasts now (pretty much it is watched daily or we talk about it daily) he was certain this was Kaa the Snake. He kept asking nicely to hold the snake, but I was quick to whisk him away before he thought that was truly possible and take action.  

 We got to pet this adorable turtle that they call "Rocket".  He was a real crowd pleaser for all the little kids since they could enjoy touching and watching him without too much effort.  Jack really liked the shell and kept calling him "Dude" (thank you Finding Nemo, all turtles are now "dudes"). 

We visited our old friends the fish, who Jack remembered and really enjoyed getting to see again. It is so hard to believe it was a year ago we were here doing the same thing but he was so much littler! I just looked back on last years blog and Jack is doing his "scary" face, and has next to no hair.  Unbelieveable how time flies!

 This is how our day looked for most of today.  Momma is battling a head cold and cursing the fact pregnant women can't take cold medicine.  I will NEVER take it for granted again, because it is exhausting just being sick. But adding in a toddler to chase while pregnant and it means we parked ourselves downstairs with toys and movies for the day.  Here's hoping this cold clears up quickly!
Ah, hair that is straight and I didn't have to straighten it.  THAT is the dream :) 
OH wait - and I got my haircut this evening.  I cannot tell you HOW MUCH I looked forward to this since Saturday when I made the appointment.  As someone who has a mess of thick hair, putting off getting your hair trimmed leads to all kinds of badness.  I was absolutely besides myself and it was so rewarding to get to sit and relaxing while someone had to chop away at it to get me back to normal. Thankfully, it feels a million times better. And I do too - just getting a bit pampered was exactly what I needed on a day of feeling sick.

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