Friday, 14 March 2014

Painting at the Clayground

This morning we ventured out to the Clayground in Wolfvillle for some fun painting adventures with friends! After what was amazing amount of effort (Damn winter!) we freed our car from the shell of ice and we were on our way. I'd also like to mention that while I was busily scraping the car, I witnessed 13 robins swooping and snacking on holly berries from our bush our front. They're back and they're hungry. All I can say is watch out worms when the snow melts haha. 

We got settled at the Clayground to get to work on a project. I thought Jack would take ages to pick from all the really cool animal figurines, but he immediately chose a "long neck dinosaur" and was happy with it. We chose a couple paint colours and got to work. In reality I would say it was a 60/40 split of Jack and I tag teaming the Dino to get it covered with paint. He used a sponge for a bit which was really fun, we will need to try out more sponge painting at home. 

I've been to the Clay Cafe in Fredericton several years ago now and we painted up two gnomes (pre-Jack) for our garden. Scott and I took ages to painstakingly coat them and they turned out vibrantly awesome. Based on our work today I believe our Dino will be much less of a work of art but I know Jack will still love him. 

His little friend Alfie chose another really cool item - a car! And flashed me an adorable grin to pose with his painted item :) I'm surprised that Jack didn't pick one for himself but his latest obsession with Harold and the Purple Crayon has him passionate about Dino's. 

And there was a really great play corner for the boys to enjoy while the Mommys got to finish painting the half completed projects. We will definitely have a Mommys night out there to get to work on our own creations, it was just so much fun :)!

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