Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Our Jack: A Photo Shoot

I can just gush and gush about how much I love this kid, but I know all (okay most I hope!) parents feel that way about their own children.  And in my absolute adoration of Jack I hope to always capture his most exciting moments (no matter how mundane to the non-mommy world) as a keepsake of his earlier years he is likely to not remember so clearly.

So my iPhone has been working like a fiend since his first hours after birth till now to capture his expressions as he yawned, meets friends, meets a goat, goes on a huge slide, is terrified of a bat picture, and sees himself in the camera and cheeses up. But we've never actually gotten professional photos taken of him.  Certainly because of the extra $$ associated with it, and deep down I was concerned that he wouldn't be charming or cooperative in any way. I mean really, I know my kid and when I WANT a good photo in a particular moment, he does something outrageous. Which makes for the most hilarious photos (see below), but not the kind I want taken in a studio. 

Perfect opportunity to get a snapshot of their first outing in the grocery car together.  How sweet! Oh wait - Jack has decided to pull his 'OMG WHAT IS THAT' face instead of smiling sweetly.  
But a couple weeks ago Jack spotted a stuffed zebra perched up high on a pallet of diapers in Walmart and insisted on a closer look. I wasn't going for it, until it struck me how odd it was that the zebra was obviously well loved and out of place in the store. When I pulled it down I noticed a little card that said "I'm lost! Return me to the Photo Centre where I live and claim your prize!" Jack was all too happy to accept the mission and we did bring it back to it's home. Jack won some stickers, and we also won a gift card to go towards a photo session. In reality Jack wanted to keep the zebra, but he settled on stickers and a promise we would return to come visit the zebra.

Jack patiently and excitedly waiting for his turn to go into the portrait studio :)!
Well today was that day :)! Jack has been fighting off a cold and so I had very low expectations of how this was going to go. Amazingly, it was not painful at all. Jack Brought his best buddy Fluffy Bear to the photoshoot and was awestruck by the photo studio.  The photographer was very sweet and read Jack like a book on how to make him laugh and smile.  Jack remembered that the zebra lived there but was so interested in other things I didn't have to worry about explaining (yet again) why the zebra can't come home with us.

(I really can't even caption any of these because I'm just awing and gushing like any mom would :) so invent your own captions while I blubber away in a pregnancy-hormone-induced state !)

And don't worry, family & friends who are reading this I ordered lots of prints and they will be headed your way just as soon as they call me to pick them up ;)!


  1. They turned out great, Michelle! What a sweet little man, who looks oh-so-grown-up!! I know the fear of getting professional photos done (we've had a few shoots ourselves), but he is so photogenic, and always looks so happy and ready to smile! :)

  2. Michelle, these really are adorable! Jack's expressions are so sweet. They are all keepers!

  3. What a handsome lad. Looking forward to seeing you in person soon Jack. Love


  4. Gorgeous pics of our great grandson. Looking forward to the prints of our PRINCE.
    Love to all,
    Nana Dawn