Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Wednesday Snow Day (again): If you can't beat 'em, Join 'em!

Well how freaky is it that our storms are continually falling on Wednesdays? Its annoyingly freaky. We keep missing on of our favourite playgroups called Rhyme Time which is a bunch of little ones chiming in on some sweet rhyming nurseries and dancing activities. Its great and difficult for Jack all at once because it's quite structured, but he's taken to the rhymes and even practices them at home.  But on snow days they cancel. Alas, we have only gone once or twice since the beginning of 2014! These darn snow days need to give up!  

Snowman kit lives again :)!
But when the snow falls, you have to just roll with it :) we decided to hit up the library for the morning, play with friends and get out some new books.  Then in the afternoon we got out in the snow and built ourselves a snowman finally. The snow was perfectly packy for building! 

We headed out back to pick out sticks for the snowman's arms.  We also cleared off our "little park" and played on the slide for ages! It belongs to our neighbours but they let us use it in our yard since all their grandkids now live pretty far away.  We have the best neighbours on this street :) Its so nice to have mild weather and packy snow - it makes snow days more fun than the last few that were just freezing and blustery snow. 

Jack counting the buttons as he stuck them on the snowman :) It may have been the first time he counted to 10 without repeating any numbers! Of course there are only 3 buttons, but we're celebrating it anyway haha. 
At the end of the afternoon we quickly headed out in just boots because it was so mild and put his face/fixins on.  Jack was SO thrilled to decorate his snowman and the teenage girls who come around delivering flyers were so adorable to praise Jack on his "cool snowman."  He brought them over and pointed out all the snowman's cool stuff :) Future ladies man right here.

We made the best of our snowy Wednesday, but seriously... enough already!

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