Sunday, 23 February 2014

Saturday Snow Adventures: SnowFamily and sledding!

"No More pictures Momma! GO down hill!"
Since Daddy was working Saturday morning we headed outside for a morning of mild weather and lots of packy snow :) Thankfully because of all the snowfall and then wicked rainfall we had (I'm sorry I did NOT wake up for any rain or thunder, but I hear it was terrible ;) Oh well I missed it) we were able to enjoy a great front yard for building snow mountains and snow people.

We had SO MUCH fun sledding down the driveway, and Jack loves the thrill.  It was the perfect size for him to go down alone, we didn't have to share with a hill of other kids, and oh yes the best part for last - I didn't have to drag his sled around or help him back up the hill.  He would just walk to the stairs with his sled, climb up and come down the path we made through the yard back to the sledding spot.  I'm finally able to enjoy sledding with my toddler haha :).

He actually enjoyed sledding into the driveway and getting lurched off when he hit the pavement.  He figured out after a few runs that if he laid back he wouldn't go flying off, making him look like he was all ready to compete in the luge! 

Of course there is nothing better than jumping in puddles so after a while the sledding was put on hold to jump jump jump and get completely soaked.  Thankfully it was +6 out and he couldn't' have cared less about being soaked. 

Lucy came out and had a snowy snooze.  She rarely is out in the front with us for the sole reason that she barks like a maniac whenever anyone drives by.  But thankfully on Saturday morning our street is hauntingly quiet :)

Jack and I made a silly snow family :) SnowMomma, SnowJack and SnowDaddy. Oh yes and check out SnowMomma's profile, because the is SnowBabyPhoebe right there. 

Jack insisted we make a SnowBabyPhoebe so that was my best attempt. You'll notice that SnowMomma's nose is a little chopped off... 

Caught in mid-chew 
It turns out we have a Snowman nose eater on our hands.  And no it isn't Lucy!

Despite my desperate attempts to steer him towards loving vegetables, he still refuses them like the plague.  I know that one day he will slowly ease into them and before I know it I'll be thinking "What was I so worried about?" but for the moment it is a mothering delemna. Apparently all I need to do is bring the food outside, refuse to let him eat it and then stick it on a snowman and turn my back so he can sneak bites.  Haha, perhaps our SnowFamily needs a necklace of peas and broccoli earrings ;)

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