Monday, 10 February 2014

Just another Manic Monday!

Today was a day of back to routine after a busy weekend :)! After a discussion at breakfast about what was up on everyone's agendas, Jack was so eager to go to soccer! He loves going and running around like crazy. Since last week we arrived late (Mommys fault) we left extra early to score a good parking spot. 

We were actually the only ones on the field for a solid 3 minutes so Jack zoomed around burning off steam and enjoying the space. Also, he didn't have to worry about losing his ball to someone else haha.  He's a great little soccer star and we did a couple laps of the field then were ready to welcome his friends :)! Of course once the friends  arrive he could care less about actual soccer and it's just time to have crazy chasing and jumping fun. 

After soccer we did catchup groceries for the week and did a little shopping at Joe Fresh! We had a sad moment this weekend when Jack tried on his rain boots he loves and they were officially too small. To fix that we explored all the new spring clothes available and found these awesome and "scary" boots!

Jack was SO excited to find new rain boots. They're just so full of fun I swear they were designed perfectly for him. Oh yes - he also had to run around in them for 30 mins at home and pause quite often to remind me they are "scary!!!" Accompanied by "scary face" see below. It's the same as his "aaaahhh bats!" Face :)

And while I know it's not even near spring time, if we waited until April to buy boots they wouldn't have any fun prints or his size left. Since he loved them immediately I'm willing to pay full price because I know it means there will be not battles trying to get out the door on a rainy day haha. As they say, "Life is too short. Buy the shoes!" So we did. 

Jack also helped me shop the clearance rack for baby Phoebe. They had $2 sleepers!! So Jack picked three he liked for her while toddler-chatting to my baby bump asking opinions. He's really into baby Phoebe, I'm so excited for him to meet her :)

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