Sunday, 9 February 2014

It's A Girl!

And our little girls name is Phoebe Mae.  While so many people wait to share the lovely name of their little one (You guys are troopers, it kills us to keep things on the DL), both Scott and I enjoy sharing early so we can get used to using the name, warm Jack up to the idea (he already says "goodnight baby Phoebe" Ah my heart melts) and because we took so much time choosing it we want to lay claim to it now haha. Anyone who has ever named a baby with someone (or even a pet!) knows the emotional anguish of trying to pick something you can both agree on. Fortunately we got a jump on the name choosing this time and were very prepared so we have known for most of the pregnancy what our picked names would be. 

There's our girl at the first ultrasound appointment! We snapped this picture at the end of the appointment to have some proof lol :)
Like everyone tells you when you are pregnant for the second time, it really IS a different experience.  I spent the first 11ish weeks feeling like hell, carrying much higher than with Jack, and this baby kicks are much less violent (so far).  Of course we also have a different doctor, we had two ultrasounds, and we're going back for a third in a few weeks.  Unlike Jack, Phoebe was quite content to not roll around too much during our ultrasound appointment and limited her movements to punching and kicking.  That means we need to go back for a few more pictures that the tech couldn't get before.  It also meant that the way she was laying we didn't get that classic profile shot of the face and body for a picture. Oh yes, and this hospital doesn't print you pictures like in Fredericton.  It seems to be at the discretion of the technician whether you can take pictures at all.  I suppose the silver lining is that the ultrasound is very special to Scott and I because we're the only ones who saw it!

Belly Shot at 21 Weeks :)!
Scott and I were so eager to find out the gender (if possible) at the second ultrasound appointment that we were just buzzing by the time the technician asked us if we wanted to know! She felt very confident it was a girl! Funnily enough the other four appointments that morning had also been girls! Right after finished up at the hospital we picked up some groceries and then headed to Michaels for some lovely pink yarn :)! I'm a girl who loves girly things, so to be able to share that with my own daughter is exciting.  Although I'm pretty lucky, Jack likes girly things too haha!

The original announcement picture we posted a few days ago :) The little pink thing is an octopus - the first little creature for her ocean/nautical nursery! 
I've already gotten a jump on the knitting projects for Phoebe and am completing a snuggly bunny out of this strange yarn.  It looks and feels weird in a ball of yarn, but knitted up it is SO very soft :)

Jack is in love with the yarn and while I did tell him I was knitting a bunny for Phoebe, he believes it is a hat for her.  To be fair I have been knitting a lots of hats lately and on the circular needles this looks like a hat! He loves the "nice and soft pink Phoebe Hat".  

Testing it out as a hat! 

Snuggly snuggly warm, but he thinks it might be too small for Jack. Good thing its not for him (and its not really a hat!)

The thing about having a summer baby is that the don't need the sweaters, mittens, hats etc that I knit for Jack when he was a newborn.  Instead I'm going to be making another Op Art blanket like the one I made for Jack in rainbow colours.  I've JUST ordered the yarn today for her blanket and will share the adorable shades I picked when they arrive from KnitPicks.  

Jacks Op Art Blanket!
The other thing I'm excited to knit up for her is a "coming home" outfit from the hospital.  Since it will be summer it doesn't need to be especially warm, I'm going to make a little dress that can go over a onesie. I found the most adorable pattern and just had to share with you! Ah so many ruffles, be still my beating heart ;). I'm likely going to use different colours, but had to share a preview from the pattern!

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