Saturday, 1 February 2014

Heartbeats, barking, cider and oatcakes!

Next week we will have our second ultrasound and get to know our little baby just that much more, but yesterday was the day we actually got to hear our little baby's heartbeat! How freakin exciting however delayed it may be :) My doctor was able to pinpoint the little miss or mister right away with the Doppler and heard a very steady heartbeat. At our ultrasound earlier in the week we were able to watch the heartbeat beat away as the baby performed circus flips at a heart rate of 154. Today the baby was most definitely having a mid morning nap (fingers crossed this baby is working into a good nap routine already hahaha) because there was next to no wiggling and the heart rate was 131!

(and I tried to upload the sound clip of the baby's heartbeat and it didn't work. Bummer!)

I played the recording for Jack later and he is convinced it was the baby barking. Once I explained that it was the baby's heart making that noise, he clarified it was in fact the heart barking. Ah the mind of a toddler :)

And his little mind was blown trying out hot apple cider at Noggins when we stopped in to pick up some oat cakes! Yummy yummy yum! And best of all after we watched a hawk circle over the parking lot for a few minutes we had a surprise running into our buddies Rachel, Ciel and Grace! They are who recommended the market to us so it was a funny coincidence to see them :)!

Happy Weekend everyone :)!!

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