Thursday, 20 February 2014

Green Thumb Workout in February

Amazingly our little plants have flourished on the window ledge (they must be enjoying their daily dose of K-Rock) and quickly were outgrowing their little cups. We did a run to Dollarama for pots and soil once the huge piles of snow were cleared from the roads.  Jack triumphantly picked out a watering can for his "baby seeds" and we got o work on it when we got home. 

He loved filling up the pots with soil and we chatted about all the needs the plants have now that they are sprouted tall.  I've prepared him for the likely possibility that Sirius might take a bite off the plant (and that's okay because we can grow more) so we bought plant pots that have dome lids for protection. 

He is a very sensitive boy and loves tending to the needs of his plants. He actually asked if the looked happy :). We got to look at the roots while transplanting which was great in aiding my explanation about how plants eat. He enjoyed the transplanting but was most eager to water them with his new watering can. One of his favourite characters (and ours too) is Pato who is a duck in love with gardening, and Jack fulfilled his lifelong dream of being just like Pato. 

He asked four more times today to water the plants because they were hungry haha. Plants were all safe and sound with their domes after transplanting and survived the whole day without Sirius eating them. Or Apollo knocking them over. So hopefully Jack is saved the heartbreak and his plants flourish :)!

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