Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Come on Spring - we're getting ready!

Yes, I know its only February.  But honestly I'm ready for a change in the seasons.  Just so things will be easier getting in and out of the house with a toddler set on either doing everything himself to get dressed, or refusing to get dressed at all.  Also bending over to put on boots is getting a little more challenging so I'd totally love a slip-on shoe season to hurry up and get here :). 

I think adding the water to the soil puck was his most favourite part.  Because it was likely going to be his fav we stretched it doing it a teaspoon at a time haha. :)
Dollarama is on my side - they are already filling a HUGE aisle with spring things and garden gnomes etc.  We browsed for ages because it is entertaining for Jack to exercise his toddler curiosity and ask a bazillion questions, but also so I could dream a little about no snow,  growing plants, grass smell and trips to the park. I'm going to ignore the looming thoughts of sweltering heat and bugs and just focus on the wondrous things coming soon.

For some reason I believed I was buying three different cups, ah well.  I blame pregnancy brain!
While we were shopping in the gardening aisle we came across really cute little seed starter kits for $1 each.  Jack was all ready to also buy a spade, gloves and a watering can but I promised him we would return later when it was time to do planting.  

"Goodnight baby seeds! Get in your beds!"
So today we had some free time before dinner and we got to planting our little pots.  I'm a big fan of these because they're cute and colourful and thus engaged Jack right away, and they're all in one easy.  No separate bag of dirt, packs of seeds etc.  Just added water to our little soil puck, stirred it up and then put in our seeds. Jack has seen this "planting" phenomenon featured in several little shows he watches so he actually knew the routine of poking a hole and putting in the "baby seeds" as he called them.  
Okay Dollarama you had better not have given me duds, Jack is eagerly awaiting a green sprout already!
We had so many great chats about how to care for plants, what they would become, what dirt is etc that if I manage to keep them alive and safe from our cats then this will be a great little learning moment.  High hopes that if we can get some growing we'll paint a few clay pots and move the sprouts into them.  

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